Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions are deposited at the Chamber of Commerce under registration number 54800463.

Article 1 – Definitions
1.1        Training: training, education, course or any other meeting initiated by Global Maritime Education B.V. (herein after referred to as GME), with the purpose of transferring knowledge and/or skills.
1.2        Principal: natural- or legal person with whom an agreement relating to a course is closed.
1.3        Participant: natural person who participates in a training.

Article 2 – Relevance
These terms and conditions apply to all tenders, offers, contracts and (legal) acts between GME and principal/participant.

Article 3 – Registration
3.1        A person can sign up for a course by completing the registration form on the website, registration by phone or e-mail.
3.2        If a person takes an option on a course, it is both GME and for this person a free reservation. There can be no rights derived from an option on a course.
3.3        If GME accepts the registration, it will be confirmed by mail. This is the agreement with regard to participation in the training.
3.4        Participant has been informed of the general terms and conditions at the conclusion of the agreement.

Article 4 – Cancellation, prevention and modification
4.1        If participant is unable to participate in the training, substitution by another person is possible, provided that the person is registered by GME, at least 7 days before the training starts. Hereby the original payment condition of the participation fee is maintained and an extra amount of € 100.- will be charged.
4.2        GME has the right, clearly stating the reason(s) for refusal, to exclude a participant from the training. If the participation fee already has been paid, GME will refund the participation fee within 14 days.
4.3        GME has the right to change the time schedule, date or location of a training, as well as the right to postpone a training if the number of participants is fewer than the minimum number of participants required.

Article 5 – Course agreement
5.1        The agreement relating to the provision and implementation of a training is achieved by means of an application by principal / participant. Afterwards this will be confirmed by GME, the application is actually created.
5.2        The contents of the order confirmation and any related offers apply to reflect the agreement.
5.3        Principal is given the opportunity to see the terms and conditions at the conclusion of the agreement.
5.4        Changes in the terms and conditions are only binding if they are written and confirmed by GME.
5.5       GME has the right to use the name and  company logo of the clients for commercial purposes.

Article 6 – Payment
6.1        Together with the confirmation, as described in paragraph 3.3, the invoice will be send to participant.
6.2        The course reservation will be final when the full invoice amount has been paid.
6.3        Participant must pay the invoice within 8 days after the invoice date. If not payed within 8 days, no rights can be reserved on reservation.
6.4        If registration is done within 8 days of course date, payment must be received by GME finally 1 day prior to course date.
6.5        GME has the right to exclude a participant if the participation fee not has been paid. The payment of the participation fee remains in this situation maintained.
6.6        If the participant is not present at the pre-arranged training days, there will be no refund. If the participation fee has not yet been paid, the payment remains maintained.
6.7        Principal is obliged to pay late payment to GME plus reasonable judicial and extrajudicial collection costs.

Article 7 – Replacement of a trainer
GME ensures that at least one training trainer is present and is at all times entitled to replace a trainer by another trainer.

Article 8 – Liability / Complaints>
8.1        GME shall perform the training to the best of its knowledge and ability.
8.2        GME is not liable for indirect damage such as consequential damages, lost profits and damage due to business stagnation.
8.3        GME is not liable in case the participant, or a third party is able to speak to an insurance company.
8.4        The agreement and the relationship with the participant is governed by Dutch law. Disputes arising from the legal relationship shall be exclusively submitted to the Dutch judge.>
8.5        There can no rights be derived to the contents of a brochure or website.

Article 9 – Secrecy and confidentiality
Information provided by the participant will be confidentially treated by GME. GME complies with the applicable privacy legislation.

Article 10 – Intellectual property
10.1      Without GME’s express written permission of GME is principal / participant not entitled to reveal, exploit or reproduce, in any manner whatsoever, data and / or parts and / or extracts of the provided training materials.
10.2      The intellectual property of the training material is entirely accrued to GME.