• VCC: Module Lashing & Securing + Module Stowage Planning
  • VCC Lifting
  • VCC Deckstrength
  • Cargo Superintendent
  • Vessel stability

VCC: Module Lashing & Securing + Module Stowage Planning

Module Lashing & Securing:
When precious heavy-lift & project cargoes need to be shipped, you will have to apply to certain lashing & securing standards before it is acceptable for vessels, cargo-owners, insurance companies, surveyors, cargo-superintendents and shipping lines.

All the variables that have influence on forces on the cargo, must be calculated and there is no room for the ‘rule of thumb’. You can’t assume or guess, you need to know for sure. Within Visual Cargo Care, this can all be calculated into the smallest details. You will see with a blink of the eye if the applied lashing & securing is ‘seaworthy’.

Visual cargo Care assures with solid guaranty that the cargo is lashed & secured according the highest international safety standards. VCC lashing & securing offers you great possibilities and in this course you learn how to use the program with maximum profit.

Module Stowage Planning:
With the module Stowage planning you can easily import any Excel based packing list and create colorful stowage plans. You will also learn how to work with the coil and pipe stacking tool. In combination with Lashing & Securing, you can also immediately perform lashing & securing from the same plans. This enables you to make stowage plans very fast and adjustable quickly if needed.


VCC Lifting

This course will be available in the near future.

When a lifting plan has to be made, the calculations are most of the time taken too simple. In the world of lifting, it’s all about WLL, angles and forces in any direction.

Primary lifting suspension or secondary lifting suspension can be easily explained and calculated with the module VCC – Lifting. From normal cargo and especially for lifting cargo with high COG.

All calculations are based on the latest technologies and methods. From now on, creating professional and well calculated lifting plans will be an easy job.

VCC Deckstrength

This course will be available in the near future.

Calculating deck strength is one of the most difficult parts in a load-out. In this course we explain how deck strength works and how to approach certain problems. We teach you how to investigate the possibilities you will encounter in day to day business. When the deck is not strong enough we teach you how to approach the challenges you are facing.

This course will be supported by VCC – Deck strength software.

Cargo Superintendent

This course will be available in the near future.

When you are the cargo superintendent (supercargo) of a vessel, many topics will come at you. You need to know how to plan the vessel, to make crew understand what they are doing. You need to look at the cargo with a very keen eye. You have to look for lifting possibilities, lashing & securing, load spreading and answering the many questions from stevedores, surveyors, vessel and owners.

In short, you have to organize many things before and during a load-out operation.

In our course CSI through the eye of a CSI, we teach you how to approach a load-out with confident.

We learn you how to plan it, execute it and how to order what is needed to make a swift, professional approach that will help you to tackle any problems when they occur.

This course will be supported by:

  • VCC – Lashing & securing software
  • VCC – Stowage planning software
  • VCC – Lifting software
  • VCC – Deck strength software.

Vessel stability

This course will be available in the near future.

The stability of a vessel is the most important topic for every load-out and voyage.
Obviously not just during loading but also during the sea passage.

When loading with own cranes the vessel’s criteria are changing continuously.

The game between ballast, cargo and other factors is a constant challenge for everyone who has loaded or will be loading in the future.